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How to install and use the straps on your iTray protective iPad case?

  1. Adjust the length of the strap using the adjustable slider found on the middle of the strap as per your body size.
  2. Hold the iTray case on the left or right side (Left or Right Hand Use) with the large accessory Pocket touching your body and the cover flap at the top. 
  3. From the 2 strap end attach the small non-adjustable strap to the front facing top d-ring.
  4. From the 2 strap end attach the long adjustable strap to the front facing bottom d-ring.
  5. From the single strap end attach the other end of the long adjustable strap to the back facing top d-ring.
  6. Adjust the cam lever or push button release mechanism so that both front straps are taunt when the iTray is hanging at your side in the closed position.
  7. To lower and open the iTray flip the cam lever open or push the button with the hand that is on the opposite side of which the iTray is hanging and grab the under side of the protective case with the opposite hand and angle the top flap 90 degrees until the case is parallel to the ground and then lock the lever or release the push button mechanism.  
  8. Open the cover flaps and fold underneath and secure with magnets or leave hanging.
  9. You may want to grip each side of the iTray case and apply slight downward pressure on either side until you feel it is in a comfortable and balanced position.